SNL: Jake Tapper responds to Kellyanne Conway sketch

Kellyanne Conway will not be ignored!

It was a very political weekend for "Saturday Night Live", who spoofed a Sean Spicer press briefing and litigated President Donald Trump's controversial immigration executive order in the "People's Court".

McKinnon's Conway, who was denied an interview by CNN's Jake Tapper (played by Beau Bennet), takes a dark turn when she turns up in Tapper's house wearing lingerie.

Once he arrived at his apartment, however, he had a surprise waiting for him in the dark: McKinnon-as-Conway sitting cross-legged at the kitchen counter in nothing but a nighty.

"Well, what was I supposed to do?"

"You're sick, Kellyanne!" Tapper says in his desperate defense. He persistently says no until she threatens his life and he offers up other CNN hosts who will interview her. "Fareed Zakaria?! I'll do something really crazy", she says, pulling out a knife and pressing it to her mouth like a certifiably insane person trying to get their jilted ex-lover's attention.

After Tapper calls Conway a "monster", the ending is, well, fatal for Conway.

"Actually, no, I'm just Kellyanne Conway and I always get my Kellyanne Con-way", she said before falling out of his window. "We can't have you on TV if you're just going to keep lying!"

  • Salvatore Jensen