Rally held to protest Liberals' broken electoral reform promise

"I'm very concerned about a broken promise, and how that can make especially young people feel cynical about politics", said another demonstrator.

"I know people will be disappointed, yep", he continued as a smattering of boos rose up from the crowd.

"We're fed up with Trudeau breaking his promises", said Phyllis Creighton, a protester with the Toronto Raging Grannies, who opened the protest concert with two songs on the stage at Nathan Phillips Square.

After electoral reform was taken off the table earlier this month, Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould said it was because no clear consensus had arisen over what to replace it with.

He went on: in a nutshell, while he has a responsibility to keep his promises, he has a greater responsibility to keep the country together. "I really believed in the progressive platform".

As opposed to first-past-the-post, an electoral system in which the first party to win a majority of the seats gets to form a government, proportional representation is created to more accurately reflect the results of the popular vote.

Urquhart says the federal government is not the government Canadians voted for and the Liberal party is making a huge mistake by backing out of this promise.

"Under proportional representative, virtually every country that uses it has a threshold of between three or five per cent", said Andrew MacLean.

President Trump will host Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Washington next week, the White House announced Thursday.

"Do you think that Kellie Leitch should have her own party?" Trudeau could be heard saying.

Trudeau was also heard to say that the federal New Democrats had been unwilling to budge on the idea of proportional representation. If we want people to engage in the political process and participate in our democracy, why hang on to a system that is so hugely undemocratic?

The backpedalling was enough to even draw some Liberal voters, like Crystal Laycock who says she's never been to a protest before.

  • Carolyn Briggs