North Korea fires 'BALLISTIC MISSILE', South Korean media reports

The South Korean military said it suspected the North might have been testing a intermediate-range Musudan missile.

Military officials in South Korea are investigating what type of missile it was, the Korean Times reported.

Last year, North Korea conducted a "higher level" nuclear warhead test explosion, which it trumpeted as finally allowing it to build "at will" an array of stronger, smaller and lighter nuclear weapons. Analysts in Seoul have been expecting some sort of military provocation ahead of late Kim Jong-il's birthday on February 16 and the largest ever joint military exercises between the USA and South Korea scheduled to begin in two weeks. The meeting with Abe, his recent announcement that he would support China's "one China" policy in regard to Taiwan and his tough stance on North Korea have, however, started to cast the United States leader in a more favorable light in the region.

"They're trying to get distance, they're trying to read things like does the missile fall apart".

As CNN reports, North Korean leader Kim Jon-un spoke to the US and its impending POTUS, Donald Trump, in a New Year's address to his people.

US Strategic Command on Sunday said it detected and tracked what it assessed was a medium- or intermediate-range ballistic missile test-fired by North Korea.

"The men and women of [Stratcom], NORAD and U.S".

The alarming act of military aggression comes little more than a week after Donald Trump's defence secretary warned North Korea it would face an "effective and overwhelming response" if it chose to use nuclear weapons. The new Trump appointee made the vow during a trip to USA ally South Korea.

If the missile becomes fully operational, it could potentially deliver a nuclear warhead to the USA mainland. It was Pyongyang's fifth atomic test and the second in eight months. The regime of Kim Jong-un is the number one threat to the United States, albeit among many. "North Korea must fully comply with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions", Abe told a news conference at Palm Beach, Florida. The mid-range missile launched from a location in North Pyongan Province flew 500 kilometers (311 miles) into the East Sea. "And it's not only a concern for the United States to hit the mainland, but it also has concerns for all of our Asia partners". According to the statement, the two officials strongly condemned the launch and agreed that the countries will explore every possible way to suppress North Korean provocations.

Video provided to Reuters by North Korea's official news agency KCNA, which Reuters can not independently verify, showed North Korean cooks preparing and presenting various traditional Korean dishes at the Pyongyang Noodle House, the venue for the competition.

  • Leroy Wright