Nike's New 'Equality' Short Film Featuring LeBron James Sends A Strong Message

Nike's new initiative can be summed up in one word. "The ball should bounce the same for everyone".

Sports apparel companies, like Nike and Adidas, are seizing on the message that Under Armour bungled last week, causing Stephen Curry, one of the highest profile athletes on UA's roster, to say he agreed with Plank that Trump is an asset "if you remove the "et".

While James and Nike CEO Mark Parker are among those critical of President Donald Trump's immigration policies, the Oregonian's Jeff Manning, who has covered Nike for years, writes, "It's not entirely clear what prompted the new messaging". The EQUALITY initiative will live at, in social media and on billboards and posters in cities around the USA and Canada, with imagery that features portraits of athletes and cultural icons. Set to air tonight during the Grammy's, Nike looks to send a powerful message regarding opportunity and discrimination.

A four-page spread in Sunday's New York Times featured the campaign's manifesto. This field of play. Not your looks or beliefs. We're a long ways away from Michael Jordan explaining his apoliticism by saying "Republicans buy sneakers too". Opportunity should be indiscriminate. Worth should outshine color.

Building on this commitment, Nike will donate $5 million in 2017 to numerous organizations to advance equality in communities across the U.S. Consumers can show their support for EQUALITY by taking action in their own backyard through programs such as MENTOR or PeacePlayers.

  • Julie Sanders