Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Picture of Alec Baldwin on 'SNL' Instead of Trump

Baldwin did play a pilot alongside Tom Hanks in an episode past year where the actor reprised his role as Sully Sullenberger, but otherwise has only appeared as Trump, most recently seen insulting world leaders by phone in last week's cold open.

Sure, the actor's impression has captured worldwide attention, including that of the president himself, but Baldwin has been an SNL legend long before he pursed his lips and donned a blonde wig as Trump. I'm right, they're wrong.

"Earlier, a woman asked me to award her joint custody of a snake", the judge snapped, "and she had more of a case than you, OK?"

He also referred to federal judges as "so-called judges" and brought out a character witness, a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin, played by Beck Bennett. All those guys are working for Trump; they work for the President, and they are going to say what they need to say to fit in... "This man is great friend". "He's my little American Happy Meal", Bennett said of Baldwin's Trump. He do anything for you.

Baldwin's schtick went as far as the "SNL" title cards, one of which that had the actor wearing a red "Make America Laugh Again" hat.

Anytime I start to feel sorry for myself, whenever life's burdens seem too much to bear, I think about poor Alec Baldwin.

"No, I myself would not ever eat a burrito from China", Baldwin said.

  • Carolyn Briggs