Modi, Rahul battle it out in Uttarakhand

Hitting back at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for his remarks that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was "fond of peeping into others' bathrooms", the BJP said on Saturday that the Congress leader "behaves as per his standards" and it does not expect anything better from him. Although Prime Minister Modi was addressing a rally in Uttarakhand's Srinagar, his dominance and the BJP's strength could be gazed by the number of supporters that thronged Gandhi's road show.

Modi also launched a sharp attack on the Harish Rawat-led government in Uttarakhand and promised to take the state to newer heights over the next five years. "This is not the level of decorum and the level of politics that at-least we have grown up in", he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his ministerial colleagues to give details of tours, if any, undertaken by them during the last three months, an exercise aimed at ascertaining whether they promoted demonetisation and other initiatives, sources said.

"I was asked by some of the media friends that Dr. Manmohan Singh was sitting in the Parliament when PM made the comment and why didn't he get up then and immediately answer. It is the "babus" and the politicians who have looted the country and I will force them to cough up the money they have looted", Modi said.

Describing Uttarakhand as a land of the fearless soldiers, he attacked Congress for questioning the veracity of the surgical strikes, which, he said, "insulted the armed forces and the valour of those who made supreme sacrifice for the country". None but Rahul Gandhi had humiliated the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh by tearing a copy of his ordinance at a press conference when Sing was overseas.

"The Prime Minister has sought reports from each minister about the tour programme to the states and the areas visited by them".

"Dr. Manhmohan has played a significant role in the economic system of India. This art of taking a bath wearing a raincoat must be learnt from Dr. Manmohan Singh", the Prime Minister said, setting off cries of shame by the Congress and a walkout.

  • Leroy Wright