K9 police dog 'kisses' his partner while posing for official photo

The task sounded simple enough: get an official photo of Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach with his K-9 partner, Kenobi.

Indiana State Parks posted four photos on Facebook of the portrait session involving Knach and Kenobi.

In a post on the Indiana DNR Law Enforcement Facebook page, the photos were posted with a caption introducing the pair.

Knach, who has been with the department for at least 10 years, became a K9 handler three years ago, when he and Kenobi started working together.

"Levi and Kenobi make a great team and enforce the law with a vengeance".

The post continued, "Both of them are entertaining and loaded with knowledge and experience".

But Indiana State Parks chose to post the photos to Facebook that lead up to the official portrait, which shows, that even though Kenobi means business on the job, he's still a loyal, and very loving lab. Officer Knach's smile that he couldn't resist.

Now, if they could only get Kenobi to sit still for just a second to get that point across.

  • Larry Hoffman