Hamburg airport shut down after passengers affected by bad odour

German emergency services temporarily evacuated the airport in the northern city of Hamburg after people reported an unusual smell, respiratory ailments and watering eyes.

Hamburg Airport is on lockdown after the entire building was evacuated amid fears of a chemical leak.

Hundreds of people were evacuated but it has now re-opened.

Other sources including the police said the unknown substance was found in the security check area, without elaborating.

There have been complaints of irritated eyes from the airport personnel, she added.

It is thought that the chemicalspread through the airport's air conditioning system. Firefighters are still trying to determine what the substance was.

The firebrigade that responded to the call set up first aid posts for those who inhaled the substance.

All flights were halted for several hours due to the evacuation, but air traffic started running again around 2 p.m., airport spokeswoman Karen Stein said.

  • Leroy Wright