Donald Trump and China's president finally broke the ice-by snail mail

In Thursday's phone conversation, "the two leaders discussed numerous topics and President Trump agreed, at the request of President Xi, to honor our "One-China" policy", a statement from the White House read.

After winning the election a year ago, Trump angered Beijing as he posted a tweet that seemed to question the one-China policy and he received a phone call from Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen.

In a move that is likely to warm-up ties between the two countries, U.S. president Donald Trump has agreed to honour Beijing's One China Policy.

Administration officials concluded that Xi would take a call only if Trump publicly committed to upholding the 44-year-old policy, under which the United States recognized a single Chinese government in Beijing and severed its diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

He said Trump's reaffirmation of the one-China policy had dealt a blow to the independence-leaning Tsai in Taiwan and would help stabilise Sino-US ties.

"The letter conveys the reassuring message that bilateral relations are still on the right track despite the speculation that has arisen with Trump's victory in the November election", the official China Daily said in an editorial.

"President Trump stated that he looks forward to working with President Xi to develop a constructive relationship that benefits both the United States and China", it said.

After angering China by accepting a congratulatory phone call from the leader of Taiwan, President-elect Trump suggested he would use the longstanding policy - which rules out recognizing Taiwan's independence - as a bargaining chip in negotiations with China. China considers Taiwan a renegade province.

"Interactions between China and U.S. play an irreplaceable role in bilateral ties", Lu said.

Trump said that he and President Xi discussed "a lot of subjects" during the long phone talk, the first since his inauguration on January 20.

"The most worrying aspect about the new presidency is his temperament, not his policy", Wang Fan, director of China Foreign Affairs University's Institute of International Relations, told Bloomberg.

"I had a very, very good conversation. yesterday with the president of China".

It was the first time the two leaders have spoken since Trump took office last month.

  • Leroy Wright