Department of Education's Twitter Account Just Quoted Some Man Named WEB DeBois

It immediately drew hundreds of responses mocking the department's misspelling of the sociologist's last name, which is correctly spelled Du Bois. Typos happen, but usually you make some effort to correct them once everyone points it out. - W.E.B. DeBois, ' a tweet read.

The tweet is part of the department's tributes to Black History Month.

DeVos' critics have accused her of not being a supporter of public schools, with many saying public education will be under threat during her time in charge of the department.

The department issued an apology for the spelling error and re-posted the quote with the correct spelling. And if there's anything that a social media manager working for the U.S. Education Department needs to keep in mind, it's keeping a queue full of clean, properly spelled, historically accurate tweets ready, lest a mistake spark widespread mockery on social media. He was the first African American to graduate from Harvard University with a doctorate degree and co-founded the NAACP.

It wasn't the first embarrassing spelling error of the young Trump administration.

'Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an fantastic job and is being recognized more and more, I notice, ' the president said at the time.

"I think he wants to highlight the contributions (Douglas) has made", Spicer said in a daily briefing.

Trump chose only one black person for his cabinet - Dr.

  • Larry Hoffman