What to expect in W.Va. public schools

She was blocked and somehow got in anyway, and whether that, too, is an augur of the DeVos era will be a matter of significant concern, and not just to the two dozen protesters who showed up Jefferson Middle School Academy.

"DC has the fastest growing urban school district in America". Collins is a senator esteemed in vast influence at the national level, and she easily could have lobbied one Senate colleague to vote against DeVos. She has proved to me that my vote will be better spent on someone who more accurately reflects my vision for our state and our country. In the opinion of this writer and most educators, under the guise of choice, charters are a thinly disguised way of giving some students an education in a private school setting using public funds. She married wealthy as well, to Dick DeVos, son of Richard DeVos. It was her first visit to a public K-12 school since she was sworn in Tuesday.

One thing's for sure, with so many Americans against DeVos being placed in this position, she has much to prove. DeVos said some schools in rural areas might need to be protected against attacks by grizzly bears.

"She should not get this job with no experience in education other than trying to get rid of public schools", wrote Patricia, from Bottineau County.

Other videos posted by WJLA showed police clashing with protesters who tried to stand in front of the vehicle carrying Mrs. DeVos. By attending these meetings, it makes it easier to determine the major issues going on and how you could bring your insight to the issues and the board, if elected.

The danger here is that over time charter schools may evolve into schools for the elite, admitting only those from privileged backgrounds and of superior abilities, i.e. publicly financed private schools. They said if DeVos succeeds in her new role then everyone succeeds - including all public schools and teachers.

"Jefferson Academy is a public middle school on the rise and a great example of the successful collaborative innovations occurring within the D.C. Public Schools system".

Charter schools and vouchers have allowed politicians to avoid the hard work of rebuilding urban public school systems that largely serve black and Latino students.

DeVos turned around and said, "The school is awesome".

  • Salvatore Jensen