Upset Tesla Employees are Airing Dirty Laundry

Jose Moran, a production worker at Tesla's Fremont, California plant, describes long hours and low pay being offered by the Silicon Valley-based electric auto company have caused him and many of his colleagues to be "fed up" and in need of union support. The blog read that many factory workers have been talking about forming a union and have reached out to the UAW for support.

Investors are a bit dubious of Tesla's promises to begin full production by July, given that the company has typically missed its launch windows.

"Mr. Moran is not and has not been paid by the UAW", the statement said. According to the post, employees have to endure an "excessive mandatory overtime", frequent injuries and a lower-than-average pay.

The acceleration in Tesla's Model S P100D is absolutely ludicrous, with or without the California-based vehicle maker's pricey performance option and "Ludicrous Mode" Easter egg.

In Gizmodo's original article published Thursday at 4:30 p.m., it noted it was "unable to find anyone by the name of Jose Moran now working for Tesla on any social media".

Gizmodo was unable to find anyone by the name of Jose Moran now working for Tesla on any social media, and his Medium post does not give any contact information.

CNBC contacted Tesla on Friday, however, a spokesperson was not available for comment at the time of publication.

Tesla's has a rocky track record with California's Department of Occupational Safety and Health. The Tesla employee noted that the astronomical cost of living in the Bay Area makes $21 an hour hard to live on. But not all local elected officials are as enthusiastic. The post claims that Tesla then attempted to silence employees from speaking out about the conditions by forcing them to sign a confidentiality agreement that "threatens consequences if we exercise our right to speak out about wages and working conditions". "Somebody had to say something and get the attention to Tesla that we want to form a union, we want to organize".

The union drive crops up at a critical time in the automaker's development.

CEO Elon Musk and President Trump seem to be hitting it off; some say Tesla Motors could become a defense contractor.

"The UAW killed NUMMI and abandoned the workers at our Fremont plant in 2010", he wrote. Tesla is now preparing the factory, which now makes the Model S and X electric vehicles, to begin producing the more affordable Model 3 sedan in July. "Working together, we can build on the Labor-Tech partnerships other tech leaders such as Apple, Facebook and Google have successfully implemented as the model of innovation moving forward".

  • Arturo Norris