United Kingdom a No. 3 seed in NCAA Bracket Preview Show

It's important which team ends up getting the higher seed because the highest Pac-12 seed will likely end up in the West Regional, which will be played in San Jose.

Committee chair Mark Hollis appeared on CBS Saturday afternoon for the debut of the "NCAA March Madness Bracket Preview" show, which unveiled the committee's top 16 overall teams at the current time.

Villanova was slated as the top seed in the East Region and would play in NY. Therefore, Arizona was sent to the next closest site, which was Kansas City. The Bulldogs were placed as a 4 seed in the South Region, hosted by Memphis.

The rest of the West Region included second-seeded Oregon, No. 3 Virginia and No. 4 West Virginia.

Duke, which slid into the 16th spot by virtue of its win over North Carolina Thursday night, was sent to Kansas City. The Badgers are first in the Big Ten Conference at 10-1, and 21-3 overall this season, one of the best starts in school history.

Committee chair Mark Hollis said that the committee used the head-to-head matchup between Arizona and OR as the deciding factor between the two teams. We had terrific conversations about these 16 teams, plus others such as Cincinnati, Creighton, Purdue and Wisconsin, who were on the verge of being a first quadrant team.

"This is an opportunity to get excited about the tournament", Hollis said.

  • Julie Sanders