Protesters Block DeVos From DC School's Entrance

Fritz Fekete, regional advocacy coordinator for the southwestern region of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, said DeVos has "zero experience in public education, and what she has said derides and diminishes our public schools".

Newly sworn-in US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was forced to abandon a visit to a school in D.C. after she was physically blocked by protesters.

"Just heard a protester blocked & nearly knocked Secy @BetsyDeVos down at Jefferson", she wrote on Twitter.

Joseph Zupancic, a former Canon-McMillan school board member, called the appointment a "tragedy for public education in America" and described DeVos as belonging to an ideology that favors using public funding to support private industry.

The AP said she faced fierce opposition during the confirmation process from teachers' unions who fear that she intends to defund traditional state schools. Dozens of teachers and parents met Friday morning to oppose DeVos' radical policies, which - to some - seem to abandon traditional public education in favor of charter schools and alternative education.

Betsy DeVos' confirmation as U.S. Education Secretary is drawing praise from supporters and derision from opponents.

The Senate confirmed DeVos on Tuesday to lead the Department of Education after Vice President Pence cast a tie-breaking vote, the first time ever a vice president has done so for a Cabinet nominee.

In 2015, The Post covered a report detailing "more than $200 million of uncovered fraud and waste of taxpayer funds in the charter school sector", with the actual total "impossible to know because there is not sufficient oversight over these schools".

Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the US secretary of education earlier this week, despite massive opposition from public school educators.

Devos arrived at Jefferson Middle School Academy where she was greeted by demonstrators who kept her from entering the school. She was met by a group of protesters and, first of all, her auto may or may not have run over the foot of one of those protesters.

However, Democrats in the Senate are protesting her election, Senators such as Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington ask, "Is this a knowledgeable candidate who understands the federal law?"

After protesters blocked her way into the school, DeVos and her security detail got into a black auto, which one protester briefly tried to block.

Weingarten herself tweeted: "We don't condone such acts".

Jefferson, a few blocks from Department of Education headquarters, is often cited as an example of D.C.'s systemwide improvements in public schools begun five years ago. "We definitely need some investment in public education".

  • Larry Hoffman