Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Visiting Washington, DC, Public School

As education secretary, the billionaire and former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party could set a tone encouraging states to be more open to charter schools, Feinberg said.

DeVos' statement is ironic, given her policies would block schools from opening and operating by pulling tax dollars from public schools and funneling them into private, charter, and religious schools.

What most incensed Franken and the other Democrats was not only her blatant ignorance of the public school system but also her intention to demolish it. She also showed she doesn't understand current federal laws to support and protect students with disabilities. But there were protesters there to greet her, including some retired teachers.

Over the past few weeks my office has received nearly 4,600 phone calls, emails, and letters from North Dakotans about Cabinet-level nominees. My message is that we have got to keep the pressure on the Department of Ed., on Betsy DeVos, to ensure that structures are in place that would safeguard our public schools and stay vigilant.

Lawrence Feinberg, a longtime school board member in Delaware County, said at a minimum DeVos can use the bully pulpit of her new post to encourage states to develop rules more friendly to charters. Only six percent supported her.

Fekete said the new secretary "demurred" during her confirmation hearing when asked whether she supported holding private and charter schools to the same accountability standards as their publicly run counterparts.

"Jefferson Academy is a public middle school on the rise and a great example of the successful collaborative innovations occurring within the D.C. Public Schools system".

"You can't expect the school district to fairly call balls and strikes", he said. The Obama administration was micromanaging them to death and Congress intervened, but there is far more to do and she will likely help do it.

DeVos praised the school for its hard work and innovative approaches to teaching and vowed to strengthen public education. So are my six siblings, and my two kids. Not quite; Jefferson is a charter school.

Betsy Devos: "Well, I will refer back to Senator Enzi and the school that he was talking about in wapiti, Wyoming".

"For many, the events of the last few weeks have likely raised more questions and spawned more confusion, than they have brought light and clarity", said DeVos. "The debate around her nomination has been a healthy exercise of our democracy, made all the more important because it involves our most precious possession, our children". She has worked for years as an advocate and activist for school choice, earning the wrath of unions who fear she'll draw resources away from public schools.

  • Salvatore Jensen