President Trump: We're Going to Have a Tremendous Relationship with Japan

Vice President Mike Pence was also set to have a private discussion with Ford Motor CEO Mark Fields by phone later on Friday.

A joint statement released by Abe and Trump after the summit said Japan will continue to "advance regional progress on the basis of existing initiatives", hinting at Japan pursuing an 11-party TPP.

While the statement acknowledged that the US had withdrawn from TPP, it hinted that the two governments will be pursuing the core pillars of that agreement, in not so many words.

"This will include setting high trade and investment standards, reducing market barriers, and enhancing opportunities for economic and job growth in the Asia-Pacific", the joint statement said.

And Trump's criticisms haven't deterred Abe from pursuing a close relationship.

For his part, Trump may suggest that Tokyo and Washington work toward a bilateral trade agreement.

A Japanese official said: "Even as we continue to push USA toward [the] TPP, we will not dismiss bilateral talks [on trade]". When they completed the handshake, President Trump pulled away and Abe made a regrettable facial expression. Plans under consideration in the White House propose a substantial hike of import tariffs that could have a serious impact on Japanese manufacturers.

Language barriers have always existed between USA presidents and other world leaders.

Japanese automaker Toyota is expected to announce a significant investment during Abe's America visit.

"Strengthening the currency would hurt Japan's economy".

Trump hinted that he wanted to do something about China's devalued currency to bring about a more level playing field, especially on trade issues.

The Japan's PM has also invited Trump to make an official visit to Japan before the end of the year.

Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe press conference	2/10/17	1pm	  
	1:22pm ET
Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe press conference 2/10/17 1pm   1:22pm ET

All told, the media says Trump and Abe kept their sweaty palms locked for a whopping 18 seconds - a clear sign that Trump has gotten awfully lonely in the White House all alone. "That said, some of us are laid back as we've been hearing that the main objective of the meeting could be bonding and building a trusted relationship with him", Hamasaki said.

After Trump took to Twitter to criticize Toyota's plan to build a plant in Mexico to manufacture Corollas for the USA market, Toyota re-announced plans to invest $600 million and add 400 jobs to its plant in IN, the home state of Vice President Pence.

"In a relaxed atmosphere, I hope to take time to discuss with Donald on the future of the world, future of the region and future of Japan in the United States".

"The bond between our two nations, and the friendship between our two peoples, runs very, very deep".

Security is another topic of concern with Japan relying upon the US for protection.

"At the end of the day, America is great because of our alliances, and the USA recognises that we have tremendous interests across the region".

There have been long-standing tensions between China and Japan over what Japan considers their territorial waters in the East China Sea including islands known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China. The meeting offers a chance to shore up a long-standing security alliance and fix economic ties.

On the issue of China, however, Abe and Trump may find common cause.

Japan has had lingering concerns about what Mr Trump's self-styled "America First" strategy means for U.S. foreign policy in Asia, as well as what his decision to withdraw from the TPP trade pact means for bilateral economic ties.

Trump is returning a bit of generosity displayed by Abe when the two men met at Trump Tower, when Abe presented him with a gold colored golf club driver.

"I welcome you to the very famous White House", Trump said in his opening remarks.

"I am looking forward for a weekend in Florida with the president", Abe said in Washington. "Don't go to one Trump's family owns".

  • Leroy Wright