Local educators concerned with Secretary of Education pick

According to WJLA News, a local D.C. news station, DeVos was attempting to enter the Jefferson Academy in Southwest D.C. this morning when a small but determined group of protesters wielding signs and shouting "shame", turned her away at the door.

Stuart Moore, superintendent for Dollars 209 Moscow, said he does not know much about Devos, but said it's concerning that she doesn't have much public school background.

Washington Superintendent Roberta DiLorenzo said the public should take a close look at alternative schools, such as charter schools, and hold them to the same standards of public institutions.

"DC has the fastest growing urban school district in America".

DeVos faced intense criticism during her confirmation process that she knew little about the public school system she had been appointed to oversee, having spent her career focused exclusively on charter and private schools. "But I am also fully behind our public schools". Bastian said, "We are obviously not against working with anybody".

The following video shows protesters physically blocking DeVos from being able to go up stairs to enter the school.

"I was disappointed, but I was not surprised", Peter Bastian, United School Administrators of Kansas President, said.

Zehr said the bottom line is that Devos is now the education secretary. That she now oversees our national public school system is sick and paradoxical, so much so that her nomination was contested more fervently than the racist who was up for Attorney General. "She doesn't have our best interests at heart".

A Christian, (DeVos has attended Rob Bell's former church Mars Hill) her appointment has raised questions about Christian support for public schools. It's fine if you send your child to private school.

Do you think DeVos was treated unfairly? Sources tell the Washington Post teachers wore black to protest her visit.

New Yorkers who watched the fleeing DeVos as a deer in the headlights of fierce protest could not help but remember the sad chapter of New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black, another wealthy, but inexperienced, would-be top educator.

He said he entered the meeting with concerns about federally-mandated school voucher programs, enforcement and funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and the role of the federal government in education.

"Today, thanks to a dedicated administration, impressive teaching staff and community support, the school is rapidly improving", Medsker said.

  • Salvatore Jensen