Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran

"As the Supreme Leader [Khamenei] has said, the enemy threats expressed with the language of threats will have no impact on our nation; we are more entrenched in the way [of the Revolution]". "We are united before bullying and any threat". The travel ban is being challenged in USA courts.

The new administration's plans for Iran are still unclear, said Gary Sick, who served on the National Security Council under Presidents Ford, Carter, and Reagan. Reuters reported that eight Iranian entities are to be sanctioned because of terrorist-related activity, and another 17 for ballistic missile-related activity.

Given the fact that better relations with other Muslim nations is "in the spirit of the Iranian Revolution", Tehran has succeeded in foiling all plots by American establishments trying to spread Iranophobia, Nashabi said on Friday night. Tehran has vowed to counter the fresh USA sanctions.

Every February, Iran commemorates the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution with rallies around the country.

Participants at the rallies condemned USA president Trump following his bellicose remarks against Iran and his subsequent hostile actions of banning Iranians from entering the United States and imposing new sanctions on the country, participants at this year's rally condemned Trump.

On Tuesday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also urged the Iranians to respond to the US "threats" in the nationwide rallies on Friday. Nonetheless, reports emerging from the White House this week indicate that, rather than scrapping President Barack Obama's landmark deal, the Trump administration is exploring how to tighten its enforcement and renegotiate its key terms - a suggestion rejected by Iranian officials.

Crowds at the annual rally in Tehran brandished placards that read "Those who dream of America, may God awaken them" and "Thank you Trump for making it easier for us to show the real face of America".

The sanctions - which have been in the pipeline for months - said nothing about the Iranian nuclear deal, which Trump attacked during his presidential campaign.

"The victory of Trump was like a sudden brake on the wheels of a auto that had started moving slowly", Zamani, Kian's chief executive, said.

What followed was two weeks of repeated statements lashing Iran, new sanctions, threats of more sanctions beyond that, and talk of war. Five days before Trump's inauguration, Iran was celebrating the arrival of Iran Air's first new aircraft-an Airbus jet-in 23 years, a symbolic moment in a country desperately in need of investment.

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has shrugged off what he called the us "threats" against the Islamic republic.

  • Zachary Reyes