Desperate mum tries to hand toddler to drive-thru employee during attack

The father of the toddler, Levenski Crossty, was shown rushing out of the vehicle during Wilson's escape and grabbing her and the child before they were able to make it to the window.

TERRIFYING CCTV footage shows how a mum tried to hand her tot to a McDonald's worker as she battled against the child's dad who allegedly abducted them.

The worker reaches out for help but unfortunately Crossty manages to pull the child away and drives off with her.

That July 2016 incident is at the center of Crossty's trial, which began Tuesday at the Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati.

"Mr Crossty drove away with Ms Wilson's children in order to protect them", Mr Madden insisted.

After Crossty beat her, Wilson and her children ended up in his auto, but she couldn't recall exactly how they got there.

He pointed out that Crossty dropped the children off at Wilson's father's home after driving away and leaving her stranded outside McDonald's.

Levenski Crossty, 27, was convicted of three charges, including abducting his former girlfriend, aggravated burglary, and felonious assault, according to USA Today. The court was told she suffered bruises, black eyes, bite marks and cuts.

"He was ranting and raging", she said.

Wilson tried to escape from the child's father 27-year-old Levenski Crossty who immediately got out of the car and tried to pull the child away from Wilson. In the video Wilson appeared to to seek help from the car behind them in the drive thru

She was left standing at the drive-thru window, where prosecutors say she was "desperately asking someone to call 911", reports

Wilson testified the beating continued even after she gave him the code.

'He kept hitting me, wouldn't stop, ' Wilson said, adding that she told him the passcode. She said the beatings escalated in the auto, as Crossty demanded the passcode to her smartphone. They then stopped at multiple locations before ending up at McDonald's.

"There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft", he said.

During opening statements this week, Crossty's lawyer Stephan Madden said the encounter was a misdemeanor domestic incident and disputed abduction accusations.

But when the prosecution informed the judge that Crossty called Wilson multiple times from jail and attempted to convince her to hide the subpoena ordering her to appear in court, the judge revoked his right to use the jail's phone.

"There is no abduction, there is no kidnapping, there is no theft", he said, explaining that Crossly took the children to Wilson's father's home after leaving McDonalds.

Crossty spoke briefly before being sentenced, saying he had apologized to Wilson many times. The surveillance video from that drive-thru gave Luebbers the evidence she needed to determine his punishment.

  • Leroy Wright