Dark Knight goes to pieces in awesome 'Lego Batman'

"Are you ready to follow Batman and maybe learn a few life lessons along the way?" asks LEGO Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) to his newly adopted son, LEGO Dick Grayson (voiced by Michael Cera), as the young man teams up with the caped crusader to take on the LEGO Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) in the animated action-comedy, The LEGO Batman Movie.

Will talks about stepping inside the booth to spit some bars and then he and Zach let us know which old school rappers they would have on their Hip-Hop Justice League of superheroes.

Batman has always had serious commitment issues, and unlike most Batman movies the LEGO version attempts to solve them. At Commissioner Gordon retirement party, daughter Barbara (Rosario Dawson) taking the job, she makes it clear that Batman needs to take a step back. Batman ™ also provides access to The LEGO® BatmanMovie Adventure World and Battle Arena.

When Batman, who doesn't care about anybody-refuses to acknowledge that the Joker is his arch enemy, that their relationship is significant, the Crown Prince of Crime goes off the deep end.

"The LEGO Batman Movie" is a delightful surprise that everybody can enjoy. It keeps Batman's darkness intact, which is vital to his character, while also highlighting the ridiculous fact that Bruce Wayne is a weird rich guy who dresses up like a bat to fight wacky criminals. The said game contains a Batgirl and Robin mini-figures along with the Batwing.There are three expansion packs of the game which are called the Knight Rider Fun Pack, the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, and the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack. Nothing featured in the film feels out of reach for the creative mind of a master-builder, and the toy box mentality that plays across the film is just as much a love-letter to Batman and Warner Bros.as it is to any creative mind whose managed to build worlds out of the things they love. Which is kind of a joke in itself.

It's been a long and dreary winter - and we're just talking about the movie choices. We'll be discussing the latest news on the series, which will premiere on Halloween, as well as showing off some of the newly released photos.

"And I think people will understand that and find it amusing and human".

"I love this character because he has a lot of depth and mystery. And the animation teams did an wonderful job, despite a shortage of time, and a lot of scrutiny from the studio". The 1960s Batman TV series goes too far the other way, into exceeding goofy territory (although the sheer joyfulness of 1960s camp saves the series for me). "Suicide Squad"? Reamed by critics generally, it was "pushed and pulled in so many directions that it simply falls apart", said Newsday's Rafer Guzman. Catch bad guys and make fun of themselves. And a mouth that never stopped.

The humor starts right away, with a black screen and narration: "All important movies start with a black screen", says Will Arnett as the gravelly voice of Batman.

"Captain Nice and Mr". As a case of arrested development, this Batman is a child who hides from the adult world in a cowl and a cave of bat-themed toys. Both lasted about half a season.

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