Chinese soldier Wang Qi to visit home after 50 years in India

As a special gesture of India-China harmony, Rajya Sabha member and head of the Parliamentarians Group on India-China Friendship Tarun Vijay will see him off at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. In 1963 when war broke out between the two neighboring countries, Wang accidently strayed into the Indian Territory failing to find his way back home.

He was imprisoned in 1969 and was shifted to Tirodi village in Madhya Pradesh where he married a local woman and settled there ever since. "Wang with his wife Sushila, and their son Vishnu and two other family members will be flying to China", Balaghat Collector Bharat Yadav told news agency PTI.

Wang was emotional as he hugged his Chinese relatives, their first reunion after he crossed into Indian side over five decades ago.

"They were received by Chinese officials from MFA and the provincial govt of Shaanxi province", he said. He has three children with his wife Sushila, and is called Raj Bahadur in the village.

Indian authorities also say they are trying their best to ensure Wang Qi's smooth passage to China.

The development has come within a week after a delegation from the Chinese Embassy met Wang who had been wanting to visit his country. "Although it's unclear whether Wang is a prisoner of war, it is inhumane to have isolated the elderly man from his family for such a long time", said the report. "We believe under joint efforts and by respecting his [Wang Qi] will, the case will be solved properly", said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang.

"In 2013, the embassy issued a 10-year Chinese passport to him and started giving him a living allowance every year".

A recent BBC TV feature on him was widely picked by the Chinese social media and the Chinese Government took action in coordination with India for his return.

  • Leroy Wright