Bruce Springsteen's Rejected 'Harry Potter' Song Is Finally Here, and It Sucks

Bruce Springsteen revealed last October that a song he'd written for the Harry Potter franchise in 2001 had been rejected by the studio and had simply been sitting by itself gathering dust for the past 16 years. The track is only connected with Harry Potter in a very loose sense: there are no references to characters or specific plot points from J.K. Rowling's books.

As is obvious when discussing a magical world filled with wizards and talking paintings and flying brooms and all that, there are a few disconnects and lingering questions between the Harry Potter universe and our own.

While the track doesn't reach the same inspirational heights as Springsteen's Academy Award winning song 'The Streets Of Philadelphia' from the movie Philadelphia, it is a slow-burning track, somewhat uncharacteristic of Springsteen's usual style, but perfectly suited for a film soundtrack. The song is making the rounds on the Internet now after being released by a dedicated Springsteen collector. Springsteen, who called the then-candidate a "moron", performed the song "Don't Hang Up the Phone" after Trump reportedly hung up on Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Though "I'll Stand By You Always" did not end up in the film, it finally surfaced on SoundCloud on Friday after being released as part of a bootleg compilation on the Bruce Springsteen torrent site Jungleland. "We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight", Springsteen told the audience.

Have a listen and judge for yourself.

  • Salvatore Jensen