Alec Baldwin's Surprising Confession About Playing President Trump on 'SNL'

"I thought I had said goodbye, but the pull of fate is undeniable", he continues.

'That's symbolic of where we're at - we repeat back everything that Trump says, ' said Baldwin, one of Hollywood's most outspoken when it comes to political and sociological issues.

During his interview, Baldwin also poked fun at the Ivanka Trump Nordstrom clothing line controversy, saying he was wearing a suit from Ivanka Trump's men's collection at Nordstrom. "It's not that big of a deal".

"It's a big, fat, juicy, banana burrito from Honduras", Baldwin said, the audience laughing.

A "Box of Lies" could refer to Donald Trump's Twitter page, or it could mean Jimmy Fallon's go-to game on The Tonight Show.

With Baldwin returning for a record-breaking time as host this coming Saturday, it's pretty safe to assume that his slurring impression of The Donald will be on full display.

His brother, Billy, would likely agree. He's done an impression of Trump both on and off the SNL stage, and has even won a Critics' Choice Award for it. The comedian described his mindset at the time as, "whatever I can do to get [Jimmy] Carter elected, by God I am going to do it". "I just wrote the stuff that was amusing and then would be clumsy when it was the right time".

President Trump can. The teaser alone probably annoys him.

  • Salvatore Jensen