ACA repeal threatens Medicaid expansion

If he and his colleagues had a good plan, they would have brought it forward a long time ago.

Chandler said the expansion has been great news for those with incomes that fall just above the poverty line, but are still too low for them to afford other health insurance. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, they did this by dropping consumers with pre-existing conditions. With debate waging in Washington, D.C., and all the confusion about what fix, replace, delay looks like, what's really at stake is the health of those who can take advantage of the coverage assurances available, the health insurance marketplace as well as those who have benefited from expansion of Medicaid in our state: our friends, family and business associates.

Nakeysha Douglas (right) has her blood sugar levels checked at a clinic run by Wayne State University Physician Group. And, you know what, it worked!

But it's already been hurting a lot of people, he said, citing average increases of 25 percent in premiums in the past year for millions of Americans.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Tuesday that legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act would be completed this year. I encourage our elected officials to protect the Affordable Care Act and, in doing so, support our community to thrive at home and in the workplace. Indeed, no law repealing the ACA should be voted before the American people are able to thoroughly debate alternative plans or at least come to terms that repealing the ACA is a wise move even without a viable replacement. For example, in 2016, MI consumers receiving financial assistance saw their monthly premiums reduced by $233 on average thanks to this help. The 2015 Deloitte report estimated that in 2014, the first year of the expansion, it would created more than 12,000 jobs, including 5,400 in health care. "Arizonans should not be forced to pay a penalty due to the failure of a health care system that was fatally flawed from conception".

Congress is at a critical juncture where it must decide how to proceed. An executive order Trump signed relaxing enforcement of Obamacare, and the constant talk of repeal, have injected a debilitating uncertainty into the health-care market - essentially beginning the unraveling of Obamacare with nothing to replace it.

They are hoping to send a message to congress to improve existing plans, close the gap, and expand coverage for more people. The ACA was a godsend for our uninsured patients.

It is time to have some transparency in health care planning.

Someone in the crowd immediately fired back, "we want to get rid of you!"

For example, ending the mandate requiring most Americans to have health insurance without replacing the Affordable Care Act could lead to significant premium increases for 2018, according to an analysis by Lucia and his colleagues. "What do we do" to provide coverage to an estimated 300,000 more? "This big government approach to health insurance didn't work".

In late January, several USA mayors, including NYC's Bill de Blasio and L.A.'s Eric Garcetti, wrote a letter to congressional leaders urging them to consider carefully the impact of ACA repeal, stating, "It is our cities and counties that will see increases in indigent care costs for our hospitals, in uninsured rates and uncompensated care costs; and it is our low and moderate income residents who will return to a time of having to choose between health care and everyday living expenses, like groceries".

  • Larry Hoffman