Charles and Camilla release statement regarding the death of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

A close friend of the royal family, she had attended the wedding of Charles' son Prince William and his wife Kate in 2011.

As a London "It Girl" in her 20s, Palmer-Tomkinson became notorious for her hard-partying ways and a not-so-secret cocaine addiction, according to the BBC.

Her death is now being treated as "unexplained".

"We are not treating this death as suspicious. The coroner has been informed". However, in the Daily Mail interview, Palmer-Tomkinson said she had been told the non-malignant growth in her pituitary gland had cleared after treatment. She told, "I'm not the person I was". Get Me Out Of Here! in 2002 and went on to host its spin-off series I'm a Celebrity.

Tara revealed she was fighting the illness after going for a set of blood tests after feeling run down the previous summer.

"It's not a lost cause and Brain Tumour Research is committed to stirring a revolution in attitudes across the board to ensure that people who are diagnosed in the future will have a more hopeful prognosis".

Model and reality TV star Chloe Goodman wrote: "Absolutely shocked RIP Tara Palmer-Tomkinson such a lovely woman x so young so heartbreaking #riptara".

Tony Blackburn added: "Very sad news about Tara Palmer-Tomkinson".

The 45-year-old British socialite was the goddaughter and close friend of Prince Charles.

After Palmer-Tomkinson left school, she briefly embarked on a career in the city, working for Rothschilds bank.

But she later admitted her condition had given her a "better perspective" on life: "I've gone completely the other way".

However, her health was hindered by a cocaine addiction she battled throughout the 1990s - at one time she was rumoured to have spent £400 a day on the drug that eventually robbed her of her nasal septum, and she underwent restorative surgery in 2006. I wish I had never touched half the stuff. "Now, I want to be taken seriously in life".

"Tara helped to show why we must do all we can to defeat this devastating disease, which is the biggest cancer killer of children and young people in the United Kingdom".

She told Jeremy about almost dying from an overdose and spoke about rehab, explaining why she had made a return visit, even though she had been drug-free for some 11 years.

In the early Noughties, when the party scene had become exhausted, Palmer-Tomkinson forged a career as a reality TV star. "But I have to learn to shrug it off", she concluded. She had been battling a brain tumour for 13 months.

  • Joanne Flowers