Liberty depicted as black woman on 100 dollar gold coin

For a while, officials wanted to have a woman portrayed on American currency.

The new coin is the first in a series that will serve to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the nation. This is not only a big step for the United States, but for women everywhere also.

Here is a not-as-fun fact: There is only one coin in circulation that features a person of color.

At a press conference held on Thursday in the Department of Treasury's Cash Room, members of the Treasury unveiled the revolutionary coin, with the theme: "remembering our past and embracing our future".

Adding to its collectible appeal, edges of the high-relief gold coin show raised lettering of 225TH ANNIVERSARY and 13 five-point stars.

The 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin design is unique in that it portrays Liberty as an African-American woman, a departure from previous classic designs.

Director Jeppson said that him and his colleagues are incredibly proud. "Our founding fathers realized the critical need for our fledgling nation to have a respected monetary system, and over the last 225 years, the Mint has never failed in its mission".

The United States Mint has unveiled a new gold coin on what is their 225th anniversary.

The coin is the first in a series of coins that will feature Lady Liberty as Asian American, Hispanic American and Indian-American, which will be released every two years.

An eagle in flight is depicted on the tales side of the coin.

The coin will be produced of 24K gold.

On the $20 bill, Andrew Jackson will be replaced by Harriet Tubman, announced the officials past year.

  • Zachary Reyes