Mobile will credit low-data users $10 a month

At a media event coinciding with CES 2017 in Las Vegas, T-Mobile just announced what it's been teasing in recent weeks as Uncarrier Next. With this feature, T-Mobile promises that T-Mobile One customers will keep their plan pricing until they decide to change it. T-Mo will never change the price that you now pay for your T-Mobile One plan. The carrier isn't getting rid of those costs; beginning January 22nd, T-Mobile is including them in a flat, all-included T-Mobile One plan. This can be frustrating, as the monthly cellphone bill can end up costing quite a bit more than anticipated. The company was pushing to move to a single unlimited data rate plan, but faced criticism that it eliminated more affordable options for people who don't need that much data.

At the CES 2017 show, the nation's third-largest carrier on Thursday introduced its "Kickback" program, created to give customers who don't use a lot of data a credit of $10 a month.

The price T-Mobile advertises is the price you pay is the same approach prepaid carriers such as Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS have long used to attract customers and differentiate themselves from larger carriers. T-Mobile COO Mikle Sievert said KickBack will kick in on January 22 for February's bill and the first refunds will be distributed in March.

And then there's the Un-contract.

All of today's announcements are accompanied by a "Tax Rebate" promotion. This promo will be good for a limited time and will be available for up to 12 lines. T-Mobile One, which launched in August past year, will now be the only plan that T-Mobile offers to new customers. Existing customers can keep their plans after that date. Customers that want to take advantage of the new Un-carrier Next features like all-in taxes and fees and Kickback, though, will need to switch to the new T-Mobile One plan. The jokes quickly hit harder against T-Mobile competitors, with one line implying all of Hillary Clinton's missing emails were customer service messages from Verizon.

  • Arturo Norris