EAGLE CAM: Harriet and M15 await hatching of 2 eggs

An eagle cam set up by Dick Pritchett Real Estate is now streaming the nest of Harriet and her partner M15 in Fort Myers.

An eagle's nest in Florida is getting attention across the nation as enthusiasts await the arrival of two eaglets.

Southwest Florida's most beloved pair of bald eagles is expecting, and the births - expected between Christmas and New Year's Day - can be watched live on camera.

Harriet bonded with M15 a month later and laid the two eggs that hatched successfully.

The Eagle Cam has been an global sensation with its captivating images of the cycle of a bald eagle's life, with female eagle Harriet as the leading starlet since its creation.

Since its inception in September 2012, the Eagle Cam has received more than 60 million views from more than 190 different countries worldwide.

In October of 2015, Harriet found a new mate, who has been named M15, which is short for Male 2015. Then sadly, Ozzie passed away in 2015 from injuries sustained during a fight.

According to the staff at the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, the average incubation period is 35 days, which means the eggs could hatch any day now.

The SWFEC works with wildlife officials and local biologists to ensure the eagle's safety and will not interfere or intervene with any natural events in the nest, she said.

  • Joanne Flowers