WhatsApp Update Download Available with Preview Archived Content, Editing and Revoking Messages

WhatsApp could be set to allow users to revoke or edit sent messages. The iOS users who are in the beta version of WhatsApp can use this feature of revoking the messages which were sent.

iPhone users will have the option of revoking a sent message.

At the moment, users can delete messages but they remain visible to the recipient.

You should note that only recent messages can be edited and not the old ones, which you posted previously. Thankfully, mail providers are offering undo options to retrieve such unintentionally sent mails, and the step has been later adopted by many smartphone messaging platforms, with the latest one joining in the list being WhatsApp, the most popular messenger platform in smartphones. This is possible only if the sent message has not yet been viewed by the recipient.

The feature we've always wanted, particularly if we've been on the beer.

. This will help users save more time and take more caution before opening shared content. There have been reports which suggest that the users cannot just revoke the regular text messages, they can do that to the images and videos too. This feature was tipped by @WABetaInfo. This feature is still in the testing stage and will be rolled out soon for Android Beta Users.

Recently, WhatsApp introduced it's much requested feature - video calling. The instant messaging service has already added support for animated GIFs as well as the ability for users to watch received videos before they have fully downloaded.

Messages in the video appear with the two blue ticks, indicating they have been read by the other person in the conversation, suggetsing the "revoke" feature can even be used on read messages.

  • Carolyn Briggs