Sherri Papini update from Shasta County sheriff

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko held a press conference Wednesday to provide new details on the investigation into Redding mother Sherri Papini's November 2 abduction.

Authorities said they have interviewed Sherri Papini twice about her ordeal and are still hunting for the alleged kidnappers, who she said dropped her off 150 miles from her California home on November 24.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko provided the descriptions on Wednesday at his first news conference since Thanskgiving Day, when Papini flagged down a vehicle on the side of Interstate 5 in Yolo County.

Bosenko said investigators are looking for two Hispanic women armed with a handgun and driving a dark-coloured SUV. Police say she described her captors as two women who spoke Spanish most of the time. The second had long black hair with spots of gray and thick eyebrows.

A California woman held captive for weeks and branded before she was released last week has been able to recall her ordeal to detectives but a motive in the abduction is still unclear, the Shasta County sheriff said Wednesday.

"We now have no reason to disbelieve Sherri Papini's story", Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said, as reported by ABC News.

"So far, we are investigating this as a kidnapping-abduction, and everything that she is providing us thus far is indicating that", he said.

But the scope of coverage shifted overnight when Papini was found Thanksgiving Day on the side of a road in Yolo County.

Sherri was kept chained whenever she was in a vehicle.

A sketch artist is using the few facial details provided by Papini to possibly produce an image for investigators. "They opened the door, she doesn't know [where] because she's got a bag over her head". He thanked everyone for, "the overwhelming amount of gratitude our entire family has for the thousands of people that have been on this torturous journey with us".

"Rumors, assumptions, lies, and hate have been both exhausting and disgusting", he wrote. "Her face covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of her repeated beatings", he said.

The sheriff acknowledged there are still "a lot of unknowns" about the abduction and the suspects.

Sherri Papini allegedly doesn't fit into the usual sex trafficking abductor's method of operation, especially since she was abducted close to her home, doesn't know her captors, and is 34-years-old.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed on Wednesday that Mrs Papini's phone and headphones had been "neatly placed" rather than lost in a struggle.

Bosenko says every little detail is vital - from a dent in a vehicle to the way her kidnappers spoke. "Her signature long hair had been chopped off".

Bosenko told the AP on Monday that investigators have no reason to doubt the harrowing tale told by Sherri Papini. Bertain added they were disappointed Keith went into so much detail by releasing key pieces of information, like how Sherri was branded.

Papini's hair might have been cut off to change her appearance and humiliate her, he said.

The sheriff said the case was puzzling for several reasons, including motive.

  • Leroy Wright