Broncos: Peyton Manning Makes Surprise Appearance at Practice

The Super Bowl is the summit of the NFL. Every NFL team dreams of winning the Super Bowl at least once, if not garnering back to back victories. And it is often the speculation about potential Super Bowl winners that makes conversations at a great site for NFL Odds like MyBookie so interesting.

In the case of the latest NFL season, it has been that much harder to predict the potential winners for the Super Bowl. Teams that were expected to dominate in 2016 somehow managed to fall short of those expectations.

Even the surprise performers of the 2015 season couldn’t quite deliver in 2016. However, the super bowl odds have already begun shaping up, and it looks like even the fans now know what to expect by now.

A recent state-by-state survey revealed those five teams that everyone expects to win the Super Bowl. And the Chiefs look like they have managed to win everyone’s confidence, featuring prominently on that list.

Excitement at the Broncos stadium was driven, not by the results of the survey but the presence of a familiar face. Peyton Manning was seen at practice for the first time since his retirement in March.

As the Broncos prepare for the final weeks of 2016, Manning’s presence brought some much-needed energy to the team. Gary Kubiak, the Broncos coach, confirmed that Manning was definitely the person everyone saw at practice.

Kubiak took the opportunity to have the rookies approach and introduce themselves to Manning who was more than happy to get acquainted with the new batch of athletes. The line of people looking to meet Manning after practice was quite long.

Everyone was happy to see his familiar figure around the grounds. Trevor Siemian, who replaced the quarterback, used the opportunity to catch up on the goings-on of the team and the difficulties awaiting them in the future. 

Trevor was eager to get Manning involved in the action. Manning was wearing shorts and Trevor, along with Austin, saw no reason why he couldn’t get onto the field and stretch his legs alongside his former teammates.

However, Manning apparently rejected the offer. This appearance was brief but much appreciated, and it almost overshadowed news of the Broncos’ three Super Bowl Trophies being moved to a display case in the locker room.

Now the players will be able to see them on a daily basis. One assumes that the goal here is to remind the Broncos of what they have achieved in the past, this, in turn, motivating them to reproduce their past successes.

T.J Ward said he was happy to see everything they were working towards on clear display. The trophies would allow players to build a better picture of the goals they were working to achieve. 

Kubiak, it should be noted, didn’t know anything about the trophies when he was asked about them; so clearly he had nothing to do with the move. Upon learning of their presence in the locker room, he seemed happy that they would act as a reminder, especially to the rookies, about all that they were expected to achieve. 

The Broncos need to win the game against Kansas City on Sunday; and the Trophies, along with Manning’s appearance, might help them do just that.

  • Julie Sanders