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From 2015, Kenya online media space has been influenced by the new website. Tuko News since that time has been delivering significant news from Kenya and abroad to hundreds of thousands Internet users from more than 100 countries. The number of active readers keeps on increasing.

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Economics, education, tourism, entertainment, healthcare in Kenya have been developing so swiftly that the country needed an extraordinary resource, which could accumulate all the news from above mentioned and other spheres. Now all people who constantly want to keep abreast of the latest events, have a single online place, which gathers all the relevant news.

All news here is divided into twenty-two groups. For those users who wish to be familiar with breaking news, there is a special category titled “Latest News.” Many people like news about entertainment and music industry, especial various gossips from the lives of celebrities. These stories are always full of interesting and spicy facts. For this kind of materials, there is a special category of news titled Gossip. 

Everyone can subscribe to a newsletter and receive all significant news to email. It is a modern and convenient way to be familiar with all the necessary information if you have no time to read the stories by yourself during the day. In addition, you can subscribe to its Facebook community.

Kenyans are the major group of users that follow Tuko publications. However, readers from plenty of other countries worldwide also enter “Tuko News” in their browsers when they want to receive the newest info about the life in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

One of this news portal`s primary goals has always been to bring together all modern and thinking people who want to make their country better. Subsequently, the primary intention of Tuko news team is to deliver objective, frank, and trustworthy information to their target audience. team works all day round to create many innovative features for its readers. The creators of this portal desire to attract readers of various age groups and interests to this leading news location in Kenya, so that everyone can find something vital and exciting. Therefore, they continually heighten editorial and journalistic standards to make independent and exciting news for everyone.


  • Leroy Wright