Black man forced into coffin by Afrikaners

While the majority of South Africans have condemned the cruelty and abuse portrayed in the footage, some are arguing that the Black man must have committed a serious crime to deserve such punishment.

Warning: Viewers may find the contents of this video disturbing. "South Africa Will Never be a safe place for a black child", reads the caption. In fact, the tension between the whites and non-whites seems to be at an all time high.

The video surfaced on YouTube and has been cited as an example of racially-charged brutality which isn't uncommon in the "rainbow nation".

In the video - which went viral on social media at the weekend and has since attracted tens of thousands of views and comments - two white men can be heard discussing how to deal with the black man in the coffin, while one repeatedly tries to shove him inside.

The 20-second clip, which has inflamed anger over lingering racism in South Africa, shows a young man in a football shirt lying in a wooden coffin with only his head and arms visible.

As a second male, holding the camera, is heard threatening to "put a snake" in with the younger black man who struggles and squeals in terror as a lid is closed on him.

The ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), is trying to pass an "anti-racism" law that would jail anyone guilty of "racial bigotry".

But in 2013 the website Africa Check found that whites made up only 1.8% of South African murder victims.

'However, I am extremely concerned that the government is considering resorting to law to try and outlaw racism and I can not see how that will be an effective way to bring about more tolerance in South Africa. It could well make things worse.

Meanwhile, the United States, which shares a tragic yet equally brutal history (and present) of racism by whites against blacks, protects nearly all forms of expression - no matter how offensive of hurtful.

Pro-white groups claim it is they who are in need of protecting.

  • Arturo Norris