The Undertaker's Next Feud Revealed For His WWE Return

He addressed the WWE Universe and the situation with Dean Ambrose. But that didn't stop Ellsworth from finding his way back at ringside during the main event, nearly costing Ambrose the match yet again with his distraction.

In order to make sure Ellsworth didn't come down to the ring, even with his incessant pleading to do so, Ambrose threw him out of the building before the match.

SmackDown rolled out the latest chapter on Tuesday, as Ellsworth's involvement dominated the opening and closing segments of the show (along with interspersing backstage conversations in between). It affected Ambrose who got into a brawl with Styles. Taker could end up being at this year's pay-per-view, but his health simply won't allow him to actively participate just yet because of his hip. The security team hunted him down through the entire arena.

The distraction was enough for Ambrose to recover as he was able to nail Styles with Dirty Deeds for the three count. Ambrose thanked Ellsworth perhaps for the final time on Smackdown. Last night's WWE SmackDown, featuring Dean Ambrose vs. WWE World Champion AJ Styles in the main event for the second week in a row plus more Survivor Series build, drew 2.187 million viewers.

Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles in the main event.

For some reason, Daniel Bryan has made a decision to go to MizTV to announce updates on the Survivor Series teams. A champion with no contender is hardly a worthy brand leader, so expect AJ to either issue an open challenge or reveal his next competitor. Curt Hawkins by pin following the superkick to retain.

Starting off SmackDown Live is none other than James Ellsworth, who has been living the dream over the past few weeks.

However, it is unknown if The Undertaker would compete at Survivor Series; it is worth noting that the Deadman made his in-ring debut way back in 1990 during that year's Survivor Series PPV.

Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss: This program was hurt by Becky's injury absence, and they haven't used the time well to set up Bliss as a more compelling challenger. After the match, Natalya was appointed as the coach for the women's team.

Do you want to see Randy Orton vs. With the former partners not holding back after Kane requested a piece of the Apex Predator, Orton and Kane began a brutal match that had no holds barred whatsoever. Wyatt further punished Kane with a sister Abigail, after the match.

  • Salvatore Jensen