It Looks Like Nintendo is Sticking with the Wii U After All

The iconic grey box with its gamepad featuring four colorful buttons brought Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong into the living room.

Telegraph UK reports that a Nintendo spokesman denies the floating rumors of the company dropping production for the Wii U, saying that there is no change to their production of the console. As 2017 haven't arrived yet, there is no console to replace the void that Wii U may leave behind.

"Multiple sources" indicated that Nintendo will shut down production of the Wii U this week, as reported by Eurogamer yesterday. They did not that Nintendo had declined to comment when asked about it.

Speaking of global access, Dale has also learned that the Switch is now created to be a region-free system.

The Wii U, despite not being able to keep up with Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in competition, wasn\u0027t a system looked upon in vain. As we have already said, we think the platform is great.

While fans are still waiting for Nintendo to reveal the Switch specs in full, the company has confirmed that the device will be powered by a custom Tegra processor from NVIDIA. Talking to Bloomberg recently, Nintendo's President and CEO Kimishima Tatsumi expressed the company's vision for 3D design architecture, stating that with the aid of Nintendo's software a revolutionizing trend would begin with the introduction of the Switch into the market. The Wii U sold just 13 million units since it launched in 2012, which pales in comparison to the Wii, which has sold over 100 million in its lifetime. Online events for that game ceased earlier this year. They previously made the Steamworld video games.

Nintendo's unveiling of the Switch didn't leave much room for details regarding the hardware. The PS4 Pro is just starting to make its way into homes, in March we get the Switch, and before the end of 2017 Project Scorpio will be on store shelves (I predict a September Scorpio release). There has so far been no word on the launch lineup for the Nintendo Switch, nor has the price of the device been revealed.

  • Arturo Norris