Nyko is releasing a much-needed NES Mini controller extension cable

Third-party peripheral manufacturer Nyko has built the Miniboss controller, a wireless NES pad clone built specifically with the NES Classic Edition in mind. The Gamepad Retro, on the other hand, is wired, $12.99, and created to look just like the regular Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers but includes a 10′ cable for more comfortable long-distance play. That's less than 3 feet.

Of course, this solution means you'll lose some of the glory of using "original" Nintendo-branded controllers, but we think your retinas will thank you for it.

Those looking to simply extend their controller can purchase the Extend Link, which is a six-foot extension cable that can help triple the amount of slack you have to play.

Nyko's Miniboss features the same button layout as the NES Classic Edition's controller, but includes a wireless adapter that plugs into one of the two ports on the front of the console. Along with the original NES-inspired design, the blocky retro controllers also have a 1980's-era wired connection that, when used with today's massive multi-foot screens, can put you a little too close to the TV. The wireless controller costs $20.

So, nearly inevitably, one third-party manufacturer has added a modern twist with the wireless Miniboss for NES Classic Edition.

  • Arturo Norris