Hillary Clinton's probe likely to conclude in a criminal trial: Donald Trump

"She would be under protracted criminal investigation and probably a criminal trial", Trump said, while hastily adding he didn't think a Clinton victory would happen.

The FBI has been conducting multiple investigations of alleged connections between Russian Federation and Donald Trump, his presidential campaign or its backers.

"The fear of nuclear war that we had as children, I never thought our children would ever have to deal with that again. Everyone is very upset by this".

Clinton on Monday played down the damage of the probe, telling a rally in the swing state of OH that "there's no case here" and that she's confident no charges will be made.

A slew of prominent Republicans, including former CT congressman Chris Shays, have denounced Trump's candidacy.

You see, one reason Obama was desperate to avoid charges against Clinton is that he would have implicated himself in the process. The most recent Quinnipiac University Poll released in June showed Clinton holding a 45-38 percent lead over Trump in CT.

"So, I anticipate ... that it's gonna be a close election here in Pennsylvania".

But the issue cuts to the heart of Clinton's campaign argument -- that she and not Trump is fit to be Presidept, because it allows her rival to make the case that her judgment -- as revealed by the handling of potentially classified information -- is not all it's cracked up to be.

"But I don't think that will have a dramatic effect here in CT", said the state Senate's top Democrat, Martin Looney of New Haven. He added that he doesn't believe the new investigation will have a significant impact nationally.

But the woman poised to make history as America's first female president, humiliated 20 years ago by her husband's dalliance with an intern and long hounded by Republicans, is nothing if not resilient. Abedin said she only accessed her clintonemail.com account through a web portal and that she did not have a method for archiving her old emails prior to the transition, according to the FBI's summary of her statements. "People have made up their minds". Trump plunged in the polls after the presidential debates, where he often came across as uninformed, angry and disrespectful to Clinton.

A CBS poll taken after news of the renewed FBI probe broke Friday found that 71 percent of voters in 13 battleground states had either already voted or that the FBI investigation wouldn't change the way they plan to vote.

The FBI is also looking into allegations against Roger Stone, a Trump supporter, about a possible connection to WikiLeaks, which has been undergoing a complex six-year investigation.

Hosko wasn't as sure about Abedin, depending on what she told investigators and what they find.

All emails were sent and received via a private email server based at the basement of Clinton's home in Chappaqua, New York. Despite claiming he learned of Clinton's use of a private email server "the same time everyone else learned it, through news reports", it turns out POTUS communicated with Clinton using a pseudonym via that private server.

"Why would you go to the problem of downloading, offloading it from the State Department computer, that many emails when, if you were trying to follow the rules, you could just read them at the State Department?" "Anything less would be irresponsible and a disservice to the American people". The latest case in point is FBI Director James Comey's recent decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.

"People are disappointed in [Comey]", Tong said. On Monday morning, the Washington Post ran an editorial by Holder calling Comey's announcement a "serious mistake". "But his unprecedented decision to publicly comment on evidence in what may be an ongoing inquiry just 11 days before a presidential election leaves us both astonished and perplexed. That's why you don't do stuff like this". "I think this WikiLeaks and this cache of 600,000 emails from the State Department, plus the other documentation we've gotten over time, I think this is going to be the biggest scandal in USA history, and it's just about to break".

  • Leroy Wright