Download APK: Uber App for Android & iOS gets the much needed overhaul

Says Uber: "The new Uber app learns from your routines". The overhauled app focuses on speed and efficiency. It also paints a picture of what Uber's future network of self-driving cars might look like.

The overhauled app also coordinates with other services. When everything in the tech world gets updated, why won't your personal taxi sharing app get one? This is in line with what Uber has promised. "Meet a taco at your doorstep is basically the feature", said Yuhki Yamashita, product manager for rider experience at Uber. Back in 2012, their app simply gave you two options to ride, UberX and UberXL.

Depending on where you are going, you can decide how to get there from a range of options. If you'll allow us to wildly speculate - it appears that this is a space that Uber wants to use to flog you stuff while you're en route, such as its Deliveroo-style "UberEATS" service.

At the outset, the app launches noticeably faster. The Feed is similar to Instagram's, Facebook's and Twitter's. The regular users would find a few shortcuts on the app. If you're on the way to a meeting and want to prep, you'll choose a solo ride with uberX.

Uber has also integrated an estimate for both time and cost of a ride. "Where the airplane or auto is on the map is a secondary in importance, instead we focus on getting more out of the ride". Along with that it will help you to connect with your calendars. The new version, built "completely from the ground up", is centred around getting passengers to input their destination - obviously the most important thing for a transport app to actually know - as quickly as possible. Since then, the app has gotten cluttered with the company adding more and more features into the app.

As part of the major redesign that includes personalization of the app, riders can choose a person as the destination. Uber made a post on their website November 2 outlining their new features and explained the reasoning behind them. "Just sync your contacts with the app". The app will then notify your friend.

This will save rider's from manually asking their contacts to share the location. There's a Snapchat integration: Take a selfie and send it to a friend along with your ETA.

Uber has unveiled a major redesign of its app that aims to recapture the clean and simple aesthetic of the original Uber experience. Still, she and the driver located each other soon enough and she got home safely.

  • Zachary Reyes