Early voting results promising for Clinton

The state's inaugural early voting period kicks off Monday, ushering in a new era in MA elections.

If you've registered to vote in MA, you're automatically eligible to vote early.

The voters' lawyers argued the counties weren't complying with the 4th Circuit's ruling in July striking down portions of a 2013 law that reduced the early voting period by seven days.

In 2012, 394,698 votes were cast absentee, some 20 percent of all S.C. votes cast that year.

Early voting begins tomorrow here in MA.

The cities and towns going "above and beyond" the law's requirements will "ensure that voters throughout the state will have a convenient, flexible and positive voting experience in 2016", said Meryl Kessler, executive director of the League of Women Voters of MA. As the in-person voting begins to be counted in both states, the early voting numbers will begin to show advantages for the Democrats if 2012, in person voting patterns hold in 2016 in both states.

"That's what this process is all about", Snipes said. The suit argued the October 6 mandatory evacuation order closed local elections offices and effectively prevented residents of coastal counties with large African-American populations from joining the voter rolls during the busy final days.

Some Durham sites experienced issues with traffic and curbside voting, which are common for the first day of early voting, said Kate Cosner, interim director of the Durham County Board of Elections. Hillsborough has 16 sites. She is also favored in Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New Hampshire, which combine for 59 electoral votes.

The election is November 8. Registered Democrats have since surpassed Republicans in the state.

The coalition awarded silver medals to 167 municipalities whose early voting plans include one polling place per every 35,000 residents, at least one weeknight of evening voting each week in the early voting period, and four or more hours of weekend voting.

People can vote absentee via mail, requesting an application, returning an application, receiving a ballot and submitting a ballot all through the postal service.

For that reason, early voting may attract fewer voters statewide than four years ago.

In all, more than 45 million people are expected to vote before Election Day - or as much as 40 percent of all votes cast.

Elections expert Michael McDonald told ABC News that if registered Republicans fail to take a significant lead in mail-in votes in Florida, they are likely to fall further behind with in-person voting on Election Day. While many of those laws have been overturned by federal courts, Sabrina Khan, an attorney with the Advancement Project, said early voting options are still not clear in several counties, with large communities of color.

A recent study found the demographics of early voters indicates that Democrats are having a strong showing in key battleground states.

  • Larry Hoffman