The states Hillary Clinton needs to win for the presidency

Brower points to what has become Michelle Obama's signature line of the 2016 campaign. "Someone who can be trusted with the nuclear codes because we want to to to sleep at night knowing that our kids and our country are safe".

While the country is still days away from counting votes, there is already a victor in this election: Michelle Obama. "Leave here and go vote!" Clinton lauded Obama for what she said was an eloquent and powerful defense of women.

Without mentioning the name of Clinton's Republican competitor, Donald Trump, Mrs. Obama drew a sharp contrast Thursday between the two, alternating between vignettes of Clinton's biography, including her work with children, and Trump's rhetoric. On top of all that, a generation-long project of judicial reform had borne fruit in the form of two very important Supreme Court victories, one for the First Amendment and one for the Second Amendment, which, the justices ruled, mean what they say, after all.

Clinton's campaign announced Friday that the president will campaign for the Democratic nominee in the Raleigh area Wednesday.

Further support for the victim's claims come from Carl Bernstein who, in his 2008 book A Woman in Charge, explains that "Hillary was Bill's biggest defender in preventing his other women from causing trouble", such as Juanita Broadrick, who claims Hillary approached her at a political rally some months after she was assaulted by Bill Clinton.

That's partly because Michelle Obama has largely been above the fray of partisan politics during the past eight years, choosing to focus on relatively non-controversial causes like nutrition, military families and the rights of young girls around the globe. Her phrase denouncing the personal attacks of the campaign - "When they go low, we go high" - has turned into a favourite call-and-response that her audiences recite rapturously, similar to Barack Obama's "Fired up?"

Trump argues that as a successful businessman and political outsider, he is the best person to take a new approach to rebuilding an economy that has sent too many jobs overseas and left many Americans struggling to find decent jobs. Those numbers compare roughly to where First Lady Laura Bush was during the previous year of her husband's presidency. "I would not be here lying to you, I believe with all of my heart that Hillary Clinton will be that president".

Clinton told reporters aboard her plane that her campaign is not taking anything for granted. "It's up to you", Obama said.

On Thursday, Obama made clear that any tension from the past was fully behind her.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a reputation for being a stick in the mud. She launched her signature "Let's Move!" campaign in 2010, aimed at tackling the country's childhood obesity epidemic and teaching healthier eating habits. "She just comes back and she gets up, and she works harder and works harder until she gets done what she's supposed to get done". In the United States, she said, "The voters decide our elections; they've always decided". He told supporters gathered on the sidewalk Tuesday, "She will be president if she wins North Carolina". "I'd have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone".

Clinton promised to take good care of Obama's White House vegetable garden if she won and wistfully praised the athletic first lady's dancing skills.

  • Julie Sanders