Houston Cougars release statement on no Big 12 expansion

"The University of Houston is going to be in a Power Five Conference".

Having ten teams and no conference championship has left Big 12 schools susceptible to being excluded from the College Football Playoff by the selection committee.

University of Connecticut President Susan Herbst says she expected the Big 12 would decide not to expand and is not disappointed that UConn wasn't invited to join the conference.

"The decision was unanimous", Boren said.

"I have never heard since I've been on the board, such strong commitments and such a unified sense of objective on the board", said Boren, who has been OU's president since the Big 12's inception.

Raiding Group of Five leagues seemed desperate all along, something that should have been obvious to Big 12 brass long before Monday. They said all the right things, as to not "poke the bear" if expansion were ever to come up again, but you could sense the seething and foaming at the mouth from these programs.

"It promotes a competitive balance and allows for a round-robin schedule in the different sports, which is best for our student-athletes", Fenves said.

"I honestly don't know how anyone takes this conference seriously moving forward". The TV partners don't have to cough up the extra money for the conference adding schools making them happy. Right now, the Big 12 doesn't have a guaranteed spot in the CFP, with an expansion to eight teams or potentially even six teams, they stand a bigger chance on getting a chunk of that Playoff change. Despite the ruling, the school will not be deterred from building "champions for life".

Boren and Commissioner Bob Bowlsby declined to address reports that ESPN and Fox are willing to consider extending the rights contract and buyout a clause that called for a large increase in rights fees if the conference expands. "I think that we are gonna build a top 25 athletic department nationally here regardless of what conference we're in and I think we have that much potential". "My guess is whether it's five years from now, whether it's a decade, we'll probably head towards 16-team conferences".

Boren also wanted Texas to eliminate the Longhorn Network.

"Ten presidents came together in unity and came to the same conclusion", Bowlsby said. However, with no network in place, hopes for expansion diminished.

Boren said that the conference will continue to put a conference championship game together as they do not now play one at the end of the season.

"It doesn't really change what our focus has been, which has been to be the best university we can be and to make a commitment to excellence in everything we do, including intercollegiate athletics", Frank said. Apparently, the league decided that none of the potential candidates offered that. "There were very strong series of commitments and comments to the Big 12's strength, stability". "So once that decision was made, once we decided that this issue would no longer stay on the agenda, we chose to move on".

So it looks like the talk of expansion is officially closed, at least in the near future.

Monday's announcement was a disappointment to the 11 schools crossing their fingers this weekend, but for those already in the fold, what wasn't discussed is of far more importance.

  • Julie Sanders