10 in the world by US News and World Report

2 among American public universities and No. 10 in the world, according to the U.S. News and World Report 2017 Best Global Universities rankings that were published today.

This comes following a release last month from Times Higher Education which ranked Oxford as the best university in the world, the victor for the previous five consecutive years, the California Institute of Technology moving into second place.

Over a fifth of the list, including the top five spots, was comprised of USA universities. And if you want a top-10 humanities school, you'll probably want to stay in the US but may end up in Canada or the UK.

"U.S. universities do especially well in the Best Global Universities rankings because they place an enormous emphasis on academic research - a key factor in our methodology since these are indicators that can be compared globally", said Robert Morse, chief data strategist at U.S. News.

The third annual rankings evaluate the top 1,000 research universities - up from 750 previous year - spread across 65 countries. However, its place on the list was boosted by the number of citations, which indicated the impact of the health services school's research. "This methodology is different from that of Best Colleges, which measures the overall quality of undergraduate education and focuses on outcomes including graduation and retention rates". The top five in the United Kingdom were: University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London and Edinburgh University.

Criteria used to compile the rankings included publications, books, conferences, total citations, frequently cited publications, global and regional research reputation and worldwide collaboration. Their higher education rankings assess 1,000 universities across 65 countries. UW-Madison placed highly in several categories, including 25th in total citations, 25th in number of publications that are among the 10 percent most cited, 27th in publications and 28th in global research reputation.

USA schools also came out on top in 19 of 22 key academic subject areas, including economics and business; biology and biochemistry; clinical medicine; computer science; and mathematics.

  • Larry Hoffman