A Fan Is Making a 3D Open-World Sonic Game

We'd argue that Sonic Generations was pretty decent, but overall, Sonic games are pretty average nowadays. Since then a majority of Sega's Sonic games have been poorly received, but some of the character's most dedicated fans are taking matters into their own hands.

That hasn't stopped Sega from trying over the past 20 years, though, and it's not stopping Sonic Utopia, which while still early in development can still be downloaded for a spin here. It was an utter disaster, and in one fell swoop almost killed the Sonic franchise for good. The game will certainly be of interest to fans of the Sonic franchise, and not only because of its strong graphical and sound design ties to the original games. And yet it still looks fantastic, especially because it takes on the much more hard task of making Sonic work in 3D.

Sonic Utopia is powered by an engine created by Murasaki Fox.

Ever since Super Mario 64 made the jump to 3D look so effortless fans have been imagining a similar milestone for Sonic, but none of the 3D games have been that great and many have been terrible.

This is obviously not an official Sega game, so there's no guarantee it will ever see a full release, especially if Sega requests the game be taken down. After all, an open world is one of the successes that has most escaped the series, and at the very least Sonic Utopia seems to be making a good attempt at it.

  • Carolyn Briggs