Trump, Clinton go after each other in second U.S. presidential debate

"I am ashamed of what has happened to our country and so are you", he said.

They came up with an in-your-face strategy - bringing four Clinton accusers - Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton And Paula Jones - to his face-off with Hillary Clinton.

To Donald Trump, it does not seem to matter.

Sunday's debate, moderated tightly by CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC News' Martha Raddatz, was dominated early by questions surrounding Trump's lewd conversation with Billy Bush in a recently resurfaced "Access Hollywood" outtake.

What did Donald Trump say during the second presidential debate?

Even as Pence struggled to clean up a disagreement with Trump on Syria, the IN governor - a devout Christian - tried to put Trump's obscene remarks about women behind him.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a vocal Trump supporter, said that Frank J. Fahrenkopf, the debate commission's co-chairman, and a former Republican National Committee chairman, rejected the idea when he heard about it. She doesn't give up.

The poll had Clinton at 46% and Trump at 35% in a four-way race.

In a head-to-head match-up, the margin between the two is even larger, with Clinton leading Trump 52% to 38%. And what followed Sunday night was the most freakish presidential debate of the television age.

Twitter said the debate was the most tweeted ever, with more than 17 million debate-related posts sent, and Mr. Trump's "gentleman" remark was one of the most mentioned moments.

"That was locker room talk".

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gestures during a rally at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, on Monday. Ron Johnson. Trump initially said Pence would speak for him.

Trump's campaign was already struggling before the new video was released, due in part to his uneven performance in the first presidential debate. "We wanted to have them shake hands with Bill, to see if Bill would shake hands with them".

The Data Face sampled nearly 270,000 tweets and scored them in terms of their tone from -1 (most unfavorable to a candidate) to +1 (most favorable).

"We'll not be able to reduce your taxes, or save your Second Amendment and appoint Supreme Court justices, and take care of your vets and fix up your very depleted" military, he said.

  • Larry Hoffman