Ken Bone linked to questionable past comments on Reddit

That's what Ken Bone should be anxious about mere days after stealing the hearts of Americans during the second presidential debate on Sunday.

Bone became an instant celebrity during the second presidential debate by asking a question about energy in his now-famous red sweater. By doing the AMA, Bone exposed his Reddit handle StanGibson18, which he's used before and commented on some not so G-rated things. That's all I really meant by that.

Among the most controversial was a comment posted four months ago, saying that the shooting death of Trayvon Martin "was justified". The discovery comes just a few days after Bone, clad in a red sweater, was sprung into the spotlight during Sunday's presidential debate. I didn't see any of this coming, it's been a insane week.

Bone, who answered questions from Reddit users, apparently made the mistake of including his Reddit username in a tweet announcing the Q&A.

Not only that, he may have admitted to insurance fraud and made an off-color comment about Jennifer Lawrence, as well as Trayvon Martin.

"Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense", he wrote. And with some digging, people have been able to learn a lot of things about Mr. Bone, some good, and some, not so much so.

Bone once chimed in on a Reddit thread called "PreggoPorn" and he referred to pregnant women as "beautiful human submarines". One user said, "Hi Ken, are you going to take Snoop Dogg up on his generous offer to hotbox the bone zone?".

In a comment sent to CNNMoney, Uber said the company's relationship with Bone was limited to the one-time launch event in St. Louis. Bone would be hard pressed to find a law enforcement expert to tell him that suspicions based on stereotypes and racial bias are justified when it comes to police violence or extrajudicial killings.

Bone joined 590 The Fan at the inaugural Lemmings Open with a documentary crew in tow. I know Bobby Moynihan would crush the bit, but maybe go Leslie Jones for shock value or something?

  • Larry Hoffman