Bing launches a new 'Campaign Landscape' tab for its 2016 Election Experience

All that really matters is who has the most electoral votes when the dust settles on November 8.

With the new Campaign Landscape, you can see who Bing Predicts is going to win the election, and which candidate is going to win by each state, in real time.

Bing's election portal has expanded since debuting back in 2012, namely with its real-time data-driven predictions that use information from both Bing Predicts and PredictWise, the site founded by Microsoft Research economist David Rothschild.

"Bing's real-time insights and intelligence into this year's election is another example of the robust, immediate search experiences consumers and brands rely on us to deliver, inside and outside of election cycles", said Steve Sirich, GM of Online Services for Microsoft, in the news release by Bing.

As of Tuesday morning, Bing predicts an 87 percent chance of Hillary Clinton defeating Donald Trump in the presidential election.

"In roughly three weeks, America will elect the 45th President of the United States of America", writes the Bing team. Forecasts for congressional races are coming soon to the feature and poll results are also included as well.

The candidate spending function is a map-view of how much money each candidate is spending in each state and the amount of money each candidate has raised from key resources on the national level. I closely follow all of the polls and state-by-state breakdowns on sites like FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics.

News headlines. The Campaign Landscape view automatically serves up news items related to the election.

Go check out the Bing Elections Experience and the new Campaign Landscape features for yourself.

In addition, Microsoft is happy to point out that the Campaign Landscape is also home to top trending stories on the election and that you'll be able to directly live stream the third presidential debate straight from Bing tomorrow night.

  • Salvatore Jensen