Gary Kubiak out for Thursday Night Football, Broncos name interim

Elway tabbed DeCamillis after doctors ordered head coach Gary Kubiak to take a week off after experiencing a "complex migraine condition" Sunday night shortly after Denver suffered its first loss of the season.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak received MRI and CT scans at a hospital Sunday evening for flu-like symptoms after Denver's 23-16 loss to the Falcons.

DENVER-Not to say there's reason to panic but the Denver Broncos play their next game in three days and they don't know who their head coach or quarterback will be.

"It was scary going in, but very exciting coming out as far as the prognosis of Gary and his health as well as his coaching career", Elway said. "We're just excited Gary's OK".

"I think after going through that and talking to a lot of doctors there in Houston and those type of things, it made me change a little bit as a coach and how I go about things", Kubiak said of his TIA to in February.

Joe DeCamillis will fill in in Kubiak's place.

And according to Elway, the prognosis is a good one for Kubiak's return.

"I was more concerned as a friend, " Elway said. "We've got a chance to get this taste out of our mouth pretty quickly, get back to work tomorrow and hopefully get ready to go".

Elway said he went to the hospital Sunday night to be with Kubiak and Kubiak's family. He was taken from the stadium via ambulance. He spent two nights in the hospital after that incident.

"The first message is that we are anxious and happy for "Kubes" health at the same time", DeCamillis said.

"Gary is going to concentrate on Gary this week, and everybody else is going to figure out how to get a win down in San Diego", Elway said.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak will miss Thursday night's game against the Chargers.

Elway cited game management as the "biggest part" of the decision to have DeCamillis serve in the role.

So what does he need? And that's what they said. He added: "I'll be home this week resting and getting healthy and I look forward to rejoining our team on Monday".

  • Julie Sanders