Aqib Talib could still face discipline over shooting

One major thing we found was that Talib nearly certainly will be guilty of unlawful carrying of a weapon as his past criminal indiscretions would suggest that he can not have a hide carry license.

Talib was expected to return to Colorado on Tuesday evening and report to the Broncos' training facility Wednesday to be examined by the team's medical staff.

The narrative listed on the report offered that Talib had been shot "by an unknown suspect". He avoided surgery and was released from the hospital the following day.

However, according to a report from Lopez at the time, Talib told police he was hanging out in a park when he was shot.

Talib said in that report he didn't know who shot him.

Two other people were shot at the strip club that night but it is not clear if Talib was responsible for those shootings too.

I have not been made aware of any new information regarding that incident and can not confirm any information regarding your request. Those interceptions set up Denver's first two touchdowns in the Broncos' 27-7 win.

Talib is in the middle of a six-year, $57 million contract with the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos that he signed back in 2014.

The player has a complicated history of run-ins with the law going back several years.

As the television in the corner showed images of his teammates laughing with the president in the Rose Garden, Talib, who had bought a custom-fitted $3,500 suit to wear to the White House, instead awaited his discharge while wondering if he'd ever walk correctly again.

The charges were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence. "It's still under review", Talib said.

The Broncos have discussed a plan for the possibility of a Talib suspension, according to ESPN's Jeff Legwold.

In 2015, both Talib and his brother were questioned at a Dallas nightclub where an alleged aggravated assault had taken place.

It doesn't appear Talib will be charged in the Dallas shooting, but the National Football League does not need charges or a conviction to find one of its employees in violation of its personal conduct policy.

  • Julie Sanders