Four injured after Air NZ flight hits turbulence

Then the "flight from hell" took off with everything going well until the plane struck turbulence an hour into the trip.

It looks like some passengers will never fly with Air New Zealand ever again.

Last October 9, Sunday morning, and Air New Zealand flight en route from Saigon, Vietnam to Auckland, New Zealand met some extreme turbulence, causing 3 crew and 1 passenger to get injured.

Air New Zealand confirmed the aircraft experienced turbulence about 40 minutes into the flight, leaving four people on board with minor injuries.

Taking to Facebook after flight NZ268 was diverted back to Vietnam less than an hour into its journey, Ms. Te Paa described the horror of the flight that ended her glamorous holiday.

Air New Zealand now flies the Boeing 767-300 on the Auckland-Vietnam route.

"It was really sudden", passenger Ben O'Brien said. "20 seconds of bumps then a drop off then five seconds later up we went followed by a 100-foot fall", Vince Newbold said. The passenger alleges that everyone started screaming and that the crew were calling on the loudspeaker, looking for a doctor.

"People started running up and down with med kits and obviously the doctors got there and after a little bit of deliberation they said they had to turn back because the nearest city was Ho Chi Minh so we turned around".

One passenger said the aircraft dropped 100ft. "It was over pretty quickly".

Asked for comment on the incident, and Air NZ spokesperson said, "We thank customers for their patience".

Those injured had been assessed and treated by medical staff, the spokeswoman said.

She added that the flight was delayed until Monday and the passengers had been accommodated in Ho Chi Minh overnight.

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  • Salvatore Jensen