Josh and Anna Duggar Celebrate Their Eighth Wedding Anniversary

"Counting On" Season 2 is rumored to be on the brink of cancellation, but it looks like two more Duggar family members are looking into joining the TLC reality series.

In a statement on the Duggar Family website earlier this year, Duggar and Anna revealed that they're in marriage counseling after the hard year. Josh, reportedly, not only molested young girls in his teen years but also confessed to touching his own sisters inappropriately.

Months later Duggar entered a faith-based rehab facility after he was outed as a user of the cheating website Ashley Madison.

Around this time past year, Josh was staying in a faith-based treatment center to better himself after admitting he had cheated on Anna.

"Throughout this ordeal, Anna remained faithful to her husband", the family noted in Monday's blog post. Anna revealed in an interview that she went to see her husband in rehab as her first step towards long and tough rough of rebuilding their broken marriage.

Prior to the visit, a source close to the family told ET that Anna was hoping to mend her marriage despite Josh's indiscretions.

The past year was undoubtedly hard for "19 Kids and Counting" stars Josh and Anna Duggar principally because of the two scandals that rocked their lives - Josh's child molestation case and his admission of unfaithfulness to his wife resulting from the exposure of his account in the Ashley Madison adultery website.

The Duggar family posted a photo of the pair on their Facebook page in honor of their eighth wedding anniversary.

"Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna", the family wrote alongside the photo. "We are so thankful for God's redemptive love in your lives", Jim Bob and Michelle greeted the couple in a statement.

  • Salvatore Jensen